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Caitlin McAteer Associate

An evaluator by training, Caitlin approaches her work with a desire to ensure that intentional small details lead to sustainable and effective systems. Here at Corona, you may often hear Caitlin ask, “What is keeping us from where we want to be?” and “How can we use data to get us there?”. Through a unique blend of creative and mathematic processes, Caitlin is passionate about uncovering community perspectives and enjoys empowering social-purpose organizations to challenge the status quo in search for the exceptional.

Caitlin’s skillsets include methods in community-based action research, needs assessment and gap analysis, survey development and methodology design, research-driven program planning, and data visualization. Caitlin finds joy in actualizing community-informed and data-driven research tactics and prides herself on an ability to listen in a world where many people are often more inclined to talk over one another. With a blend of qualitative exploration and robust quantitative analysis, her training facilitates the crafting of feasible approaches towards an intentional and desired future. 

Outside of the workplace, Caitlin tirelessly hunts for the perfect cup of coffee to compliment her most recent read. She also explores the outdoors with her pup, learns about culture and history through wine, and acts as a mental health advocate.


Caitlin completed a Bachelor of Arts from Texas Christian University, focusing on in Anthropology and Mathematics. She also earned her Master of Arts in Public Service from the University of Arkansas’ Clinton School where she specialized in strategic planning and nonprofit evaluation. Her research on equitable and community-informed evaluation tactics has been published in the Journal of Community Psychology and, in 2015, she completed a Fulbright in Morocco.