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Andrew Streight Senior Associate

Tying together several seemingly disconnected disciplines, Andrew is naturally drawn towards understanding what drives people to make the decisions they do. Building on his professional involvement with the process of strategic planning and his unique academic perspective, he aims to support organizations in identifying problems and imagining solutions.

At Corona, Andrew serves primarily in a consulting role, focused on guiding our clients through a productive strategic planning process by utilizing an analytical skill set and an eye for synthesizing information into meaningful insights. With experience in a range of approaches to research and an intrinsic interest in the process of decision-making, Andrew’s impetus is helping our clients achieve what they’ve envisioned.

Outside of the office, Andrew will most likely be found climbing in Morrison, Evergreen, or Fort Collins; exploring Denver with his wife and dog; or reading a science fiction book.


Andrew earned his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Colorado College in Colorado Springs, focusing on ethical and political philosophy. He also earned his MA in Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration from the Korbel School of International Relations at the University of Denver, with a certificate in International Law and Human Rights. His research at DU revolved around the intersections of economics and human rights, economic policy, and public perceptions regarding various human rights issues.