The Logan School

After months of consensus building, the Logan School for Creative Learning had what it needed – the greenlight to move ahead with a marketing refresh. Funds had been set aside in the new budget approved by the board of directors. It was the right time to move forward.

Budget approval came after months of marketing the school, during which first-hand observations and feedback illustrated an unavoidable truth:  Too many prospective parents had a hard time distinguishing Logan from the competition. What was more disconcerting was the fact that Logan’s signature strength – their innovative and proven model – wasn’t clearly understood by prospective parents.

School administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and board members realized it was time to act. After all, a confused parent is a stressed parent; and stressed parents often go for the safe or obvious choice. With a unique student body and a dynamic educational experience that can be difficult to define, some parents weren’t sure if Logan was the right choice for their child.

Making the right choice for a child’s education can be especially difficult with a highly gifted kid. Highly gifted kids can’t turn their talents on or off during the school day – or any day for that matter—and often struggle to “fit in.” They are who they are 24/7 and 365 days a year. They need a school custom-built for them. A school that gets them completely and loves them unconditionally. That’s Logan.

Having convinced their reluctant colleagues that the school wouldn’t merely be marketed to prospective parents, the head of school and marketing manger set about to find the right consultant partner to capture what makes Logan so distinctly Logan. (Note: we’ve observed that faculty and staff are generally leery of marketing out of concern that it is “salesmanship,” rather than an authentic expression of a school’s unique characteristics.)

As the head of school and marketing manager journeyed through the proposal gathering process, a reference check revealed an alternative path to success. A wise and experienced education marketer suggested they invest in thorough market research first and knew just the company to call. Her rationale? If you don’t have the data to inform the messaging, then you won’t know if what you design is what you really needed in the first place – clear and compelling messaging that is authentically Logan.

If we had just focused on the marketing side, we would have lost our community sometime along the way. Because our brand isn’t this stagnant thing, it helped us adjust and change, making us very agile. Working with Corona helped us iterate different segments of customers and understand where they’re at, tailoring our message to ring true with any audience we are trying to reach.

So our gutsy school called Corona Insights.

Corona did a phenomenal job of knowing themselves and what their north star is—this helped us structure the process and set boundaries. The clarity of process Corona provided allowed us to achieve the clarity of message we desired.

Five months later, the school gave itself a standing ovation for delivering on its own promise.

That promise? The gift of clarity.

Clarity about who Logan is – its core ethos.

The next step – a custom brand built around the school’s core ethos and defining characteristics.

As opposed to other agencies we have worked with, Corona pulled it [the Logan “ethos”] out of us instead of throwing it on us. A lot of consultants we talk to say, “we have all these tools, this is what we do, watch us blow your mind.” But they don’t even know us yet. Now, we look for others we know who are as good at Corona at listening, who get not only our content but also our approach and our perspective.

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