Kevin Raines

Kevin Raines, CEO and Principal

Principal + Founder + Owner

Kevin was the guy who turned the lights on at Corona. After a five-year career as an aircraft designer understanding physics, and another six years as an economic researcher understanding dollars, he decided to pursue the hardest thing of all to understand: people. He founded Corona in 1999, and the lights have been on ever since.

Kevin balances his days between guiding both Corona’s customers and the firm. He has a grounding in nearly all of Corona’s research expertise, but his niche these days is to take on the unusual engagements – those that don’t fit easily into the traditional methodologies of “market research”. Whether it’s looking at the feasibility of a new tourist attraction or optimizing college admissions criteria or understanding how housing markets are changing, Kevin often takes on the engagements that leaves other firms scratching their heads.

Away from the office, Kevin runs a half-marathon every month, preferably a trail race in the mountains, and he likes to travel to offbeat places. If you need research on Easter Island or in New Guinea or Mongolia, he would consider giving you a discount.


  • “Quantifying the Unquantifiable”
  • Understanding demographic trends and implications
  • Making the most out of secondary data
  • Creating models to answer demographics, fiscal, and system questions
  • Multi-faceted research management and integration


Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology and holds a Master of Public Affairs degree (emphasis in demographics) from the University of Texas at Austin.

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