Jim Pripusich


Jim is passionate about explaining the causes of human attitudes and behaviors in addition to the consequences of policy and institutional change. As a political scientist by training, he has expertise in thinking creatively about answering complex research questions with quantitative and qualitative data. Jim prides himself in being able to explain abstract processes and relationships in a clear and convincing manner.

Jim is always excited to apply his skills to new subject matter and has a wide range of experience across project types and methodologies. His own dissertation research demonstrated how survey collection mode shaped the expression of attitudes toward people, policy preferences, and donating behavior. Jim has designed, fielded, and analyzed many survey studies. He has collaborated on qualitative projects interviewing local government officials, performed economic assessments of investment flows between the European Union and Colorado businesses, and evaluated aid’s effectiveness on human development.

When he’s not working, Jim loves seeing and playing music, exploring Denver’s food and cultural scene, and reading science-fiction (in addition to science-fact).


  • Data analysis
  • Survey design
  • Causal inference
  • Social science research
  • Econometrics
  • Policy analysis


Jim has a Ph.D. and M.A. in political science from the University of Colorado Boulder, and a B.A. in political science from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. He has presented his research at several national conferences.

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