Colorado Municipal League: State of Our Cities and Towns

About CML

The Colorado Municipal League (CML) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that has served and represented Colorado’s cities and towns since 1923. Currently, 267 of Colorado’s 271 municipalities (representing more than 99 percent of the state’s municipal population) are members of CML and benefit from their advocacy, information and training services.

CML’s mission is twofold: to represent cities and towns collectively in matters before the state and federal government, and to provide a wide range of information services to assist municipal officials in managing their governments.


The State of Our Cities and Town report grew out of earlier efforts to collect data on tax rates, budgets, and other statistics. CML realized this data in itself was not as valuable as it could be, and in 2008 they sought to reconfigure their efforts and data collection to tell a more complete story of what municipalities in Colorado were currently facing. The State of Our Cities and Town research has been conducted each fall ever since.

Corona’s Solution

CCML2orona worked with CML to review past research conducted as well as assess their current needs. Surveys were designed to collect accurate information on various municipal topics and to allow both comparability from year to year and to capture information on current hot topics. Corona worked with CML to conduct the survey and maximize response to ensure the results represented as many municipalities as possible. This included providing municipalities multiple ways to respond, including hard copy or online.

Corona crafted the analysis depending on the nature of the data and expected use. In some cases, this meant segmenting the findings by size of municipality or by region; in other cases data was presented as a database for reference only. In all cases, analysis was custom and took into account the type of data and needs of the end user. As a final step Corona worked with CML to ensure the data was interpreted correctly and all key themes were identified for their own communications.

Corona’s data and reports have been used extensively by CML, their members, and state government. The annual report provides a beautiful snapshot of the current year, but the continuum of the data over several years allows analysis of the data within context of the bigger picture. The “long-data” provides a robust big picture view of trends and context that gives the data greater relevance. Data from the “State of Our Cities and Towns” report highlights current challenges, successes, and the overall state of municipal government. This report is distributed widely to inform state policy making.


CML created a formal marketing video, brochure, and an online PDF of the report. The online video, brochure, and report allow for greater distribution and therefore vigilance of the issues most important to towns and cities.

To read the full report and view the video, you can visit CML’s website .

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